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Exeer Sparkling PussyWillow Stimulator


People in Turkey, Trans Caucasus, Iraq, Iran, Armenia, and Afghanistan have used Pussy willow distilled water for centuries. This transparent liquid is like water and is extracted directly through steam distillation of boiling water with pussy willow male catkins. Pussy Willow water is strongly aromatic and also is famous for its taste in addition to its fantastic health benefits. Beyond making tasteful and aromatic beverages, it has also a wide range of possible usage in cooking, baking, cosmetics, health care products, perfumes. Many cultures believe that Pussy Willow water has a stimulating effect and some believe that it helps to soften emotions, softening and other health benefits.

Product Type

Beverage: Sparkling, All Natural, Low Calorie


12 fl oz

Nutritional Info

35 Calories Per Can


Carbonated Water, PussyWillow Water, Maple Syrup and Citric Acid