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24, 36 or 48 pieces

Kuku Bites

Chicken • Zucchini Soy • Roasted Cauliflower • Mushroom Spinach • Bacon Potato • Potato Pea • Shrimp • Spiced Black Bean (GF)
$54, $74, $94

Herbed Kuku Roll

Herbed kuku sabzi bites with cream cheese (V / GF)
$54, $74, $94

Herbed Kuku with Salmon

$58, $84, $112

Mixed Kuku Platter

Kuku sabzi roll (24 pcs),
kuku bites with cream cheese, smoked salmon and fresh herbs (24 pcs) (GF)

Persian Dragon Roll

Herbed Kuku roll with cream cheese topped with salmon, pickled onion and capers
$70, 24 pieces

24 pieces for $62,
36 pieces for $92,
48 pieces for $120


Kashk e Bademjon Tarts

topped with sour cream, fried mint
and caramelized onion (V)

Iranian Olive Tapenade

walnuts topped with pomegranates (V)

Spinach Borani

with garlic Greek yoghurt


Noon-o-Panir Sabzi

Spring rolls with cucumber, mint,
creamy feta and sultanas (V)

Persian Spring Rolls

• Tofu with celery, mint, parsley and dried lime
served with yogurt dipping sauce

• Chicken with carrot, caramelized onion
served with spicy sweet and sour sauce


24 pieces for $68,
36 pieces for $102,
48 pieces for $136

Sabzi Polo

Herbed rice bites, topped with baked salmon
garnished with saffron, lemon and fresh herbs

Albala Polo

Persian sour cherry rice topped with beef
kabab, sour cherries and pistachio

Ghymeh Polo

Basmati rice topped with Persian split pea stew and micro greens (V)

Jewelled Rice

Saffron rice topped with pistachio, almond,
barberries, chicken garnished with orange rind and carrots

Chelo Kebab

Rice cup topped with kabab, green onion,
grilled cherry tomato finished with sumach

Fesenjon Polo

Basmati rice topped with mushroom walnut stew and roasted walnuts (V)


24, 36 or 48 pieces

Veg $72, $108, $144
Carne $82, $122, $164

Grilled Vegetable

zucchini, peppers, red onion, cream cheese,
greens and balsamic glaze on multi grain baguette (V)

Mushroom Pesto

with sundried tomato and goat cheese
on multi grain baguette (V)

Smoked Salmon

with cream cheese, fresh herbs, green onion
and capers on multi grain bread

Roast Beef

with smoked havarti, greens, dijon sauce,
topped with crispy caramelized onion on multi grain baguette


24, 36 or 48 pieces

Veg $90, $135, $180
Carne $ $96, $144, $192

The Veggie Burger

soy zucchini kuku, havarti cheese, tomato,
pickles, arugula honey Dijon on multi grain baguette (V)


with smoked havarti, garlic parmesan aioli,
arugula on multi grain baguette

Mushroom Medley

Mushroom medley with caramelized onion and
havarti cheese on multi grain baguette (V)

Roast Beef

with smoked havarti, caramelized onion,
honey dijon, greens on multigrain baguette

Chicken with Apple Curry Sauce

Roasted chicken, cilantro, apple, green onion,
mayo garlic curry on multi grain baguette

Canapés come as 24, 36 or 48 pieces

Beet Bites

Citrus infused beets with goat cheese, roasted walnuts and candied orange (V)
$62, $92, $120


Beef kotlet with spicy dipping sauce
$66, $99, $130


Persian meatball made with beef, rice, split peas, fresh herbs and traditional spices served room temperature
$72, $108, $144

Cauliflower Pops

Cauliflower marinated in spiced cream sauce, rolled in panko and oven roasted
$62, $92, $120

Persian Samosa

Crispy pastries stuffed with Kashke Bedemjan (Persian eggplant) served with mint yogurt for dipping (PB)
$62, $92, $120


Persian stuffed vine leaves with saffron & garlic yoghurt dipping sauce (PB)
$66, $99, $130

Stuffed Olives

Olives stuffed with Persian tapenade (PB)
48 pieces, $42

Salmon Cakes

Salmon with fresh herbs and Parmesan cheese, lightly battered and deep fried, garnished with tartar sauce
$66, $99, $130

Shrimp Ghalieh

Butter garlic shrimp topped with tamarind herbed sauce and micro greens
$72, $108, $144


Ghormeh rice balls filled with beef, red beans and herbs; rolled in panko and lightly fried
$66, $99, $130

Savoury Puffs

Puff pastry filled with mushroom and roasted red pepper pate
$66, $99, $130

Shirin Polo

Basmati rice with chicken topped with pistachio,
almond, barberries, orange rind and carrots

Baghali Polo

Basmati saffron rice with dill, fava bean,
topped with slow roasted lamb, Greek yogurt and micro greens


Herbed basmati rice with salmon topped with
garlic yoghurt sauce, micro greens and sea asparagus


Basmati rice with walnut chicken stew topped
with roasted walnuts and caramelized onion


Basmati rice and beef stew with eggplant, split
pea, dried lime, diced tomato topped with pommes frites

Lamb Chops

with garlic fava bean mint sauce
Market pricing


Persian meatball made with beef, rice, split peas, fresh herbs and traditional spices with
plum barberry sauce, garnished with almond slivers and parsley
24 for $90, 36 for $135, 48 for $180


Fruit Platter

Assorted sliced melon, pineapple, citrus, kiwi, grapes, and fresh seasonal berries
$10 per person (minimum 8)

Artisan Cheese

Seasonal selection of premium cheeses; garnished with dried fruits, grapes, nuts and accompanied by fresh baguette and gourmet crackers
Persian — Feta, assorted herbs, walnuts, radish, flat breads
$12 per person (minimum 8)


Seasonal medley of baby zucchini, peppers, asparagus, radishes, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, cauliflower, haricots verts
Served with a choice of black olive Parmesan or za’atar spiced dipping sauce
$10 per person (minimum 8)


Selection of Soppresato Venetta, sweet Coppa, prosciutto di Parma and cured sausages; accompanied by cornichons, imported olives, stone-ground and Dijon mustards, and sliced baked breads
$12 per person

Mixed Green Salad

Kale, tomato, cucumber, red cabbage, carrot, seeds, cranberries, with balsamic vinaigrette (add tuna salad $3 per person, Chicken salad $5 per person) (V)

Barley Lentil

with sundried tomato, corn , pepper, cranberries, fresh herbs, feta cheese and balsamic vinaigrette (V)

Pasta Salad

with grilled zucchini, peppers, red onion,
greens, olive oil and balsamic glaze (PB)

Roasted Cauliflower Salad

with caramelized onion with a lime curry mayo (PB)

Couscous Chickpea Salad

with red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, radish, chickpeas and fresh herbs with lemon zaatar dressing (add falafel $2 per person) (V)

Beet Salad

oven roasted beet and goat cheese salad topped with fresh chive and parsley with balsamic vinaigrette (V)

Orzo Salad

with parsley, green onion, peppers, peas
and feta with balsamic vinaigrette (V)

Quinoa Salad

with carrots, corn, pepper, edamame, cranberry, green onion , parsley and balsamic vinaigrette (PB)


Vanilla Roulette

with pistachio rose petals and glazed
$8 per serving, minimum 24

Mini Tartlets

Assortment of vanilla custard and chocolate ganache tartlets topped with fresh berries
$78, 24 pieces

Persian Gevulde

Our delightful Persian gevulde are firm with a slightly chewy almond center, delicately flavoured with rose and cardamom
24 pcs $76, 36 pcs $114, 48 pcs $152

Chocolate Ganache Roulette

with mixed berry compote
$8 per serving, minimum 24


with cardamom rose water
$60, 24 pieces

Saffron Tiramisu

$12 each, 1 dozen minimum

Dessert Jars

Choose from either vanilla custard with fresh berries, vanilla triffle with fresh berry compote, sholezard (saffron rice pudding)
$11 each, minimum 6

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